Welcome! I am Neisha Jones, Founder of The Velocity Collective!

I’m passionate about helping people maximize their full potential and I have always valued the power of social connections.

The Velocity Collective is a place to belong, be inspired, and believe. We want to help you take action, follow through and stay on course to launch you into your destiny. Are you ready to take off?


It's time to take off!

Are you ready to take off? The weight? The disappointment? The hopelessness? The fear? You name it. Join us for the TAKE OFF CHALLENGE June 15th through July 5th!

Registration is open now, so contact me now to customize your Challenge kit. It includes a 1200-Calorie Meal Plan, the products you need to detox, lose weight, or gain weight, and access to our private Facebook group for coaching, motivation, support, PLUS LIVE yoga, meal prep demos, and more. We’re even giving away $1000 in cash & prizes.


“I'm excited to start the TAKE OFF
CHALLENGE so I can get #sexyforsummer.”

— J. Schwartz
“My day doesn't begin until I've had
my NutraBurst!”

— M. Canady
“Can't wait for this Challenge because
I have to keep up with my grandbaby!”

— C. Mitchell
The Velocity Collective